Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gate of Jupiter II: Planet Versus Deity

In a recent sidebar conversation, a scholarly friend (Frater L for the time-being) of mine asked me a question. He asked me about my previous reference to Jupiter as a deity versus Jupiter as a planetary influence. I am a little intimidated about his level of knowledge and I know that I do not see things as other people do. I always appreciate Frater L's points although he can be quite sardonic. He reminds me of a skilled and competitive swordsman, whereas his sword are his carefully executed words. My dear friend, Soror J, pulled the whole concept of the swordsman and sword analogy together for me by saying the following words:

Without friction the blade will not sharpen.

I agree with her wholeheartedly but I will write more about this in a later post. I was hesitant to respond to Frater L but I did so anyway. Here was my response to him:

I don’t write like the other bloggers and I probably never will. I am not a scholar so I use my own level of expertise in the sciences as an engineer and my personal experience as a single mom as an analogy for my studies. My studies will continue to the day I die and I will never claim to be an expert.

IMHO, Jupiter as deity vs a planetary influence is the same argument as the point /wave argument of Light or as it is more commonly known as the particle/wave argument. The deity acts as a wave in that it provides humans with an interactive model. The wave form provides something we can relate to and is tangible to the untapped regions of our brains. With respect to (WRT) Jupiter, the deity energy model is endothermic. As far as the planetary influence, it behaves similar to the Sun, in fact Jupiter emits more frequencies than the Sun. The planet provides energy to humans and is independent to our own experiences. WRT Jupiter, the planetary energy is exothermic

In my personal experience as a single mom/caretaker of a dying parent, an equivalent analogy is used for the deity vs planet discourse. WRT myself, like the planetary influence, I influence my two children, provide a setting for their growth but their everyday Life choices are ultimately their own. WRT myself, like the deity, when I was caring for my dying mom, I had very little influence on her established belief system or directly on her growth (her identity was shaped by her upbringing and a reflection of her own choices in Life) but I had the ultimate choice about her Death.

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Anonymous said...

Actually I had the same conception of Wave-Particle in relationship to Form-Deity and Archetype-Deity. The problem is when we focus on one side or the other as a reality. Too often one side of the fence says "Gods are all archetypes manifesting in similar ways" (Archetype is favoured) or "Gods are distinct beings but can be categorized by overlapping themes" (Gods are favoured). Really like Wave-Particle I think it's a Both/Neither/Not-Quite scenario.