Friday, January 27, 2012


Subtitle: Piece OF my mind & the Troublemakers of the Valley

I like joining Facebook groups and Yahoo occult groups. You can get some GREAT practical and conceptual information at your leisure. I rarely post to the groups discussions because I really have to use my time wisely and it's easy to get sucked into the discussions. Some people in these groups can be... well.... kinda dick-ish...but it aint no thang because it's like fans in a stadium at a sporting event. Some people just lose their manners sometimes, especially in packs. And hell, my Dear Readers know I can stick my foot in my mouth too.

Well, recently a nice lady in one of the local groups here in California posted that she needed some help with some housecleaning and she wanted to know if anyone knew someone who would do housekeeping that wouldn't mind that she was an occultist. Since I have had an on-going hand injury (paralyzed finger) and some recent surgeries, I knew someone so I told her I would give her a recommendation and provided her other guidance on where she could find other recommendations too, such as the local occult shop or even a botanica.

Well, the leaders of the group kicked me out for giving the nice lady some advice on housekeeping... and I wasn't even TRYING to be a dick.

Well, this wouldn't have bothered me so much. In any other case, I might have figured it was a mistake... or something else. But the people in this group, they have made it a habit of kicking people out for voicing their opinions. Good people... people you would want to kick back and have a beer with...People you would go for advice because you know they will tell you the truth, no matter how much it would hurt. (I will call them my fellow trouble makers) People who are loved and well-respected leaders and teachers of their own occult groups.

Well, let me say that I think their actions have been PETTY and their behaviour is intensely CRAZY, like pysch-med and institutional crazy. I also feel very strongly that the leaders of this group do not have the capacity to identify the traits of a GOOD PERSON. I have been quietly watching them for quite some time now. It's totally wrong the way they HURT people, in the guise of having compassion for occultists. There are alot of good people who are occultists who are trying hard to establish respect for our community and their antics have done nothing to further our cause for credibility.

The crazy people kinda reminds me of this group:

and OH!!! The people who lead this group are also editors or publishers...or whatever. Simply put... PEOPLE WHO CANNOT HANDLE OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS OR VOICE, HAVE NO BUSINESS IN HANDLING OTHER WRITER'S WORKS.

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