Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Full Bore and Bare Back for Love

I detest Valentine's Day, most likely because I currently do not have a lover. The commercialness of the holiday sickens me... and oh god, all of that Chanel pink. Yech.. I HATE pink. What's up with the little baby shooting people with pointy objects. If it were my kid, I would have taken his weapon away and send him to his room: "you're gonna take someone's eye out with that!!!" Don't get me wrong, I love Valentine's Day in the little kid's perspective with the cute lil cards put into the lil bitty envelopes or making the chocolate cupcakes with the candy hearts on them.

No, for the adult-appropriate Valentine's Day, I want to see something hot... because, frankly, the idea of a fat-cheeked kid doesn't turn me on. I want to see passion.

I wanna see a hot, sexy war goddess represent Valentine's Day. You know the kind. They do not mind getting sweaty and their hair always has the tussled bedroom look. The kind of woman that doesn't mind having bodily fluids splattered all over her when a penetrating sword is wielded. The kind of female who doesn't ride a pristine genteel side saddle but can ride full bore, bare back and at high speed. I wanna see:

Freya , because who DOES NOT find a magickal hot blonde sorcerer sexy?

Ishtar, because she makes people all hot and bothered...ESPECIALLY when she has her clothes on but when she does take her clothes off, she can open gates..

or finally Kali, because she is willing to fight like hell for the ones she loves

Now, isnt that better than the fat little mischievous brat? LOL!!!

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