Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Infamous Dianic Ritual

I typically do not like jumping on the blogging bandwagon about certain issues because normally, I have to feel fairly certain about my opinion before I express it. For me, that takes time.

There has been alot said about the Dianic ritual last year at Pantheacon. Yes, I attended last year, however I did not attend this year. I did not attend this year due to logistical issues.

FYI, I really enjoyed the ritual, though, I was not aware they excluded some other women and there were parts of the rite that I did not entirely agree with. Personally, I would not have felt uncomfortable next to a transgender or transsexual person.

I was not there to stare at other people's genitals so I would NOT have really noticed in the first place. I was not there to stare at people's naked bodies. I was there to push my own boundaries and experience an empowerment that I have never felt before.

I kept the red cord they gave me during the ritual. It signifies my courage and willingness to test my own will. I keep it on my altar

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