Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who Stole the Cookie?

To say that one is blessed. I wonder what that means. I know it implies that we feel appreciation and that we have many "blessings" bestowed upon our Life but what type of mindset does that create within us. In some situations does this mindset create a feeling of non-aspiration. Do we settle for what we have when we are blessed? Do we settle because we have all that we have? Is it enough to live in the broken down dump and drive that 30 year old undependable clunker or is it alright to want more. Do we continue raising our kids in the fashion we grew up in or do not push them to seek their dreams because it was "good enough for us"? Money and object create the desire to have more and there is NEVER enough. So at what point do we say, we are blessed and we have enough and at point do we say we want more.

I personally do not want to settle. I want my Life to be better and more enriching and above all, more filled with Love.

I think the desire of power has a big part of it. Power, like money, creates the desire for more. The need for power can be insatiable. But once we have it, can we actually handle it and take responsibility for it? I think a certain amount of people who seek power are actually attention mongers. Internally, they seek validation from others to fill a hole within themselves. They want people to like them and respect them so they create the facade, which is normally harmless unless that person is an advisor or some sort. Their guidance can lead you astray.

I can see through this shit. It appears to me as a childishness. The person appears before me as a child or a teenager. I have a hard time with respecting these people. It's the words from the RO's rite I use that has helped me see. The part goes, "that no evil fantasy may appear...or if they do, that they may be constrained to speak intelligibly, and truly, and without the least ambiguity..."

The childishness reminds me of a little kid stealing cookies...

Don't steal the cookie, take it...that's why they're there. Why don't you just ask for it first?

I do not need people advising me who are liars and thieves, who steal the cookie for themselves because they do not think they are deserving of having it or cannot make amends with the fact that they want it in the first place. I especially do not understand people who eat their cookies in guilt.

One of the things I have working on lately is honing my skills on identifying those "wannabes" because when one is trying to develop their own personal Kingdom, fitting of a God, you really need people around you who Love you. People you can trust. I also pray that I am a person worthy of other people's trust, Love and respect. I have found that it starts with love, trust and respect for yourself. Make your cookie and enjoy it. You can have it. If you do not like it, make another batch.


Jack Faust said...

Hermes is a thief. And a liar. I wonder, ought we extend some of the notions you are employing to the divine? Or ought we work to grokk the creative love of the trickster? Imperfect, but nonetheless edifying.

PhoenixAngel said...

hey, bro! thanks for commenting. i have a lil problem with the whole thief and liar thing. i think the notion of lying and stealing comes from the supposition that something is untrue or something does not belong to another. if you are divine, arent you inherently of "truth" and the ownership thing is a non-issue? i have a easier time wrapping my brain around the trickster thing. i think your reference to "creative" is the key for me. i can relate to the trickery of the arts, especially the visual and the dramatic arts. it is possible to trick people into visual illusions or belief of the sincerity/heartfelt portrayal of a character. is the illusion or the protrayal a lie? i dont think so

PhoenixAngel said...

POST SCRIPT: dear readers, i find myself having to take my own advice, which is not always the easiest to do. i can cognitively identify certain things but i feel clumsy with my own skin sometimes, just like everyone else. i find myself trying to not feel guilty for eating my cookie, yet it tastes so good and i know i have earned it. i think my therapy for this is that i will share