Monday, February 6, 2012

Pagan Ghost Story

It's the wind... it always inspires me and I love to spread the inspiration.

Lately, in my depression, I have been sitting in front of the TV, alot... too much. Mostly, I am bored with the thing, unless, there's a good game to be played on the game system. But lately, I have been watching a lot of paranormal shows. LOVE THEM... ADORE THEM...FASCINATED WITH THEM...

I guess the fascination started when I was a kid and found a book in our local library that contained the following image and story:

I watch them, in part, because I love old houses and I love to hear the stories about haunted places and homes. There's a great history lessons too, in some cases. I also love to watch how some of these paranormal groups perform their cleansings and banishings. In most cases, these banishings are watered down for the status quo or I wonder if maybe they do not show the ritual in it's entirety. The Roman Catholic church seems to have more a presence in these type of rites and publicity.

In some cases, the haunted place is said to be the location of "demonic rites", cults ("wink") or a place that has been associated with witches. I always take this implied scariness with a grain of salt, because, hell, some of my best friends are witches and the NICEST people I know.

So here is my idea. I want to collect PAGAN GHOST STORIES (short stories), say about 750 words or less and post them. I will collect them until Fall of this year and post the best of the best at my favorite time of the year, Samhain or Day of the Dead. The stories can be true, partly true or complete fiction but they have to be written by someone who practices the occult. Pen or magickal names will be allowed, so long as I know how to contact you.

Hey, we can conjure up a better story than the "muggles" (LOL). We deal with the "scary" occult stuff all of the time!!! I will make sure the link to this post is posted on my blog until Fall. I also intend to circulate this post on the social networks too. If you like this idea, please circulate this on your own social network or blog. It will be greatly appreciated.

Gonna LOVE this project. Thanks Tzadkiel!

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