Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blast Cabinets, The Leo and The Magus

My Dear Readers have probably wondered what has happened to me... I am happy to say I am very much alive and still doing the Great Work, though more privately. My nights have been spent doing a lot of personal work and studying and I have a new set of teachers and mentors in addition to a couple of teachers I still adore and have intense gratitude for.

A very simple, yet elegant notion came to me several months back when I was cleansing and purifying my home, which has yielded a great transformation for me physically, emotionally and spiritually... I decided to actually CLEAN house. I realized that, though I was cleansing pretty regularly, I kept cleaning the same damned shit. Stuff that I have looked at for a decade or more, shit I hated, or didn't belong to me or just didn't belong. Some things, I truly felt I needed to survive. I made excuses for myself that I was not strong enough to move the heavier objects or would not face up to the filth so I wouldn't see it. I would ignore the chaos or claim I didn't have the energy and that it would KILL me to actually clean the mess up or get rid of some things. (Whine)

I got SICK of it.

I began the process of throwing out or giving away many items in my home. My weekly garbage bin was filled to the brim every week for MONTHS and I filled the thrift store donation truck twice. A Soror (I don't have a name for this lovely woman yet) gave me sage advice when she said that I was "casting those things to the wind", which strangely enough reminded me of abrasive blast cabinets, which is used to clean precision aerospace and mechanical parts with air and sand. Cool devices, I see them pretty regular in my line of work.
Standard Abrasive Blast Cabinet: (Note: It has the shape of an earth triangle..LOL)
What has happened is that I see my Life with a lot more clarity. I do not have to uncover to find the basics, both in my mundane life and my spiritual Path. I do not have to deal with a dozen tasks before I have to do the simplest chore. Above all, it's more clear to me what is "my own", which has provided a provided me with a clearer perspective on what actions are reactionary or rooted in some trauma. The details have been finely etched out again, like the blast cabinet does with the sand and air on the "balanced" hexagonal molybdenum aircraft turbine nut.

On a note of practical magick, I have discovered that a lot of bad energy gets stuck in the dirt and grime on the walls and especially the entryways of your home. You can try to fumigate it with sage but the memory stays in the stains so you have to physically scrub and rub every inch of it. (I use water, lavender, and Doctor Bronner's magic soap) Concrete especially retains a lot of energy because of the porosity so even though you may rinse it clean, the man made stone keeps the impressions. (I used vinegar and baking soda)

So all of this physical labour has yielded me a great deal of strength. My arms and shoulders have some nice definition and my body shape has changed and I have a new sense of empowerment that I CAN do it, whatever that may be.

Through this whole process, I kept working on my own personal interpretation of the Strength card. When my Beloved Frater and I were discussing the definition, I stammered with a definition, though it is one of my cards. It took me a while and I still have much to do but I finally understood and could succinctly come up with my own interpretation of the card. I lived through it as both the Leo and the Magus.

The lion's instinctual reaction is to bite out of a need to survive so the lion's strength is to overcome that survival reaction, just as, the magus' strength is to overcome her fear to look the lion in the face and control her fear of getting hurt or dying. Both the lion and the magus have to realize that they CAN survive.


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