Monday, February 11, 2013

Slapping Chakras on Valentine's Day?

Disclaimer: This post may be offensive to people who do not have a healthy attitude towards sex or do not like offensive language.

Since it is almost Valentine's Day, I thought I would offer some advice for those people who are still looking for Love. Valentine's Day is a difficult time for many in that it highlights the fact that they do not have a significant other in their lives. I used to get really lonely on this day and feel envious when the other ladies in my office would get flowers or go out to a nice meal with their honeys. I used to do the dating sites, which was a disaster. A site where the only reference to your spirituality is to the more generally accepted forms of religion or "spiritual not religious" is simply not good enough for people who spend a great deal of time and effort doing the Great Work.

I realized that in order to find the person I really wanted it would have to be under extraordinary circumstances, not just some mundane dating site, where everyone winks at you like they have some nervous tick. If you do a lot of the Great Work, it almost seems like a relationship with a partner who is not in line or understanding of your viewpoints of spirituality is like having sex without a strong orgasm. You can lay there (or whatever position turns you on), bodies entwined, slurping in each other's divine juices and slapping chakras but do you really get off? Is there really a connection? I also think, that as magickal beings, we lean more to the meaningful, rather than the mundane. Meaningful is a subjective term so I will leave it up to My Dear Readers what that means to them.

I think "meaningful connection" to me means more than a hot, hard, and wet connection between cock and pussy (or whatever combination turns you on), not just two people with just their genitals on fire.  Partner sex, like magick, is about people engaged in all the elements, air, fire, water and earth, on many planes. When you cum, it should be a spiritual experience, not just a release of energy, and after the actual physical sex, it should leave you with a feeling of enhanced energy in mind, body and spirit.

As an aside, I also think that other darker magickal beings take advantage of people when they engage in slapping chakras and they could steal some of your personal energy. I had this happen to me a while back and I have something to say to them. GO FUCK YOURSELF IN YOUR FAT ASS!!

I have told My Dear Readers that I am against love spells and the like. I am against it because I think it breaks one of the biggest tenets of magick, "Do not impose your Will upon another". With great power, comes great responsibility and if you want to drag that ball-and-chain responsibility around for the rest of your Life, then by all means, DO IT. But be prepared to tend and maintain everything that it might entail. I have had experiences where I have tried to do magick, just to get laid and it has only been an exercise of "Be Careful for What You Ask For, Because You Might Just Get It". Thank the goddess I still had my wits about me.

So what is my advice for the lonely magician?

First, ask yourself, am I ready for a relationship, then:


(Also, be prepared to work and/or travel out of your comfort zone)

Lose some weight and get fit. Find that hot body that you love to touch yourself and it will be guaranteed that someone else will want to grope it too. Bathe yourself in sumptuous oils or find a fragrance that smells delectable to you and someone will want to relish that sweet smell. Find yourself a cool hobby so someone that adores it too can stand there and adore your knowledge. Go hang with friends and family, so someone can see how much Love you can truly give. Go see a therapist about your personal issues, so your HOT DATE night doesn't feel like a confessional booth. LOVE YOURSELF

Wash, Rinse and Repeat.



Scott Stenwick said...

I'm not opposed to love spells in general as long as they're done right. You're correct that "make person X fall in love with me" is an intent that interferes with another's will. At the same time, I think that this one is completely reasonable from a Thelemic perspective: "Bring me a partner who in in harmony with my will and whose will I am in harmony with."

The point is that one of the main impediments to relationships, business, and really anything else is the imperfect flow of information. Your company may have the best product in the world, but if you happen to be lousy at promoting it you're not going to sell very many. Likewise, if we accept the truism that there are going to be people out in the world who are perfect romantic matches for us, the problem becomes influencing the world so that you find yourself in the right situation to meet and connect with one of them.

Also, generally speaking, I find that the "in harmony with my will" clause mediates a lot of the "be careful what you ask for" results that magical operations can produce.

PhoenixAngel said...

Thanks Frater Scott for your comment. Yes, I am in agreement with you. Promotion has a lot to do with finding someone. I was personally very bad at it because I kept promoting myself to all the wrong type of people (I really liked bad boys) and really only began to change once I realized I was deserving of better treatment. I alluded to the fact that I also believe geography (and the ability to communicate) affects potential connections and much of my own personal work involved increasing my ability to travel so I can find and develop a connection. I personally used Hermes for this. Long distance romances are a challenge.

As far as the Thelemic perspective of "Bring me a partner who in in harmony with my will and whose will I am in harmony with." I also totally agree. I asked for that type of harmony with the caveat that the partner also continues to have the ability to evolve, as I do, in harmony. Using an analogy of harmony, a beautiful a capella performance can be totally dissonant if one singer's rhythm is off and he/she sings the proper tune, but at the wrong time. I realized that harmony is very temporally-dependent and the complementing melodies has to be in synch. Evolution has to occur in line and harmony, otherwise the partners grow apart.

As always, it's a pleasure to have you input. :)

PhoenixAngel said...

If you're looking for a fitness coach who also has a magickal background, I recommend Scarlet Magdalene. I respect her work as a magickal person and I know she has been certified as a personal trainer.