Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Betta Fish Exercise of the Water Triplicity

I am a very hands-on magician. I read and try to understand things but it really helps to bring the knowledge to the mundane level. Bringing down the knowledge into the earthly plane of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch, precludes being too much in my head and being overly mental about the Great Work. I work on tools or other ritual accouterments but that type of work is not really practical or cost efficient for a single working mom. I need exercises I can relate to on a personal level and that will enhance my life. Its kinda always been my modus operandi, learning by doing.

My recent work has been thinking over the triplicities. I devised a great contemplation that helped me a great deal with my understanding of the water triplicity of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

"As Above, So Below.."

What inspired me was my routine visit with my doctor. I require regular laboratory checks of my blood and subsequent consultation with my doctor for my chronic illness. The visits are always a pain in the butt for me but I need to go regularly to insure my illness is kept in check and none of the host of symptomatic problems develop. My doctor and his nurse are wonderful guys. I have developed a good relationship with them and they have never been the types to have one hand on the door and a foot over the threshold whilst checking my vitals. They actually talk to me. As an aside, I recommend whole-heartily regular checkups for magicians. If you have problems with doctors and/or finding a doctor that is right for you, Hermes is a great deity to ask help from. Please keep your bodies as healthy and strong as possible, the Work sometimes brings up problems in our bodies that is indicative of what is going on in the spiritual level... Remember, "as above, so below..."

My visits are always a little scary for me and full of emotion. Although I work at keeping myself healthy, its difficult to maintain a proper balance and my illness sometimes goes wildly out of control, despite my best efforts. In my doctor's office there is a beautiful aquarium. Like a kid, I enjoy watching the "fishies" but the tank also soothes me when I fear the results of my most recent blood work.

I enjoyed the tank so much during my last checkup that I decided to purchase a Betta fish of the Half Moon variety. I absolutely adore Bettas, they're joyful, playful, angel-like, feisty, relaxing and inspiring, all at the same time, sorta like the water of my being, my emotions. I used the exercise of the Betta fish, as a means to contemplate the water triplicity.

Preparing the Betta's bowl was the Cancer part of the contemplation. I decided to forgo purchasing alot of items from the pet store to save some money and to utilize things I already have. I think it is a great idea for magicians to use their imagination and existing resources, instead of constantly throwing money at pre-packaged kits and the like and the practice gives any working, more intent and a personal touch. I used a beautiful clear vase with spirals cut on the sides, which my mother had used for her Betta. The bottom of the vase contains flat round blue glass, some blue gemstones and some orange gemstones, which I checked for the proper correspondences. (I am a rock hound from way back so I always have an assortment of gemstones from the local rock, gem and mineral show, which is mom/engineer/magician multi-tasking) I also used some shells that were given to me, one of which has a golden spiral, which is significant in sacred geometry. Purchased natural Kyoto grass provides the water with some oxygenation. Each item was hand scrubbed and rinsed and I got Jupiter Angel to help me. I filled the vase with water slow, so as to make sure the components in the bowl were stable and made sure the temperature was correct for the animal. I tried to make the most nurturing and comfortable home for the creature as possible.

The placement of the fish into his aquarium was the Scorpio part of the contemplation. Since I forgot to purchase a net, I needed to dump the creature into the vase. I thought it was quite profound that after the great care of thought and preparation of his habitat,  that moving the fish into the vase would be the most intense. I stood there shaking, afraid of injuring the beautiful fish or harming his flowing angel-like fins. I  wondered if I would overfill the bowl with water from his store container. I hesitated for a long time while I got up the nerve to actually pour him into the bowl. I estimated the amount of water in his smaller container and figured out that I would be over filling his vase so I gingerly poured out some water, being careful not to dump the fish into the sink too. After most of his water was down the sink, I had to dump him into the vase. It needed to be done or else I would definitely harm him. I took a deep breath, heart pounding, centered him over the vase and plunged the small creature into the depths of his aquarium.

The Pisces part of the meditation is well... the fish itself. His beauty gives me inspiration. He comes to the glass to say "hello" to me, gracefully swishing his orange and blue fins. I have to be careful not to tap on his glass too hard or move his aquarium too fast, because it scares him a bit. He is quite the ham too and seem to instinctively act like a clown when I started to take pictures of him.

I gave him the name, Elohim, or Betta Elohim


HilbertAstronaut said...

Beautifully done! Elohim is a lucky betta -- his cousin on my desk could definitely use an upgrade in his accommodations ;-)

PhoenixAngel said...

oh!!! i remember seeing you also got a betta! enjoy! :D along with the other gemstones, i also put in a nice (but broken) quartz point. right now, we're trying to establish his nitrogen cycle so i am baling daily. thanks for your comment :D